Jeff Bowden
In 1987 I learned Lisp and thought that it was the only language I would ever want to use. Then I spent the next 14 years developing software in C++ and Java.

Thanks to cClan, CMUCL, Debian and a host of other entities I am now in a position to free myself from the tyranny of the Descendants of Algol

Am I really a Person?

Jeff is cute. I like his cat, Buster.

Yes, Jeff is cute, but Buster likes to scratch and bite people. There is nothing wrong with lisp, but it will never have nothin' over Java [Yeah sure, Jim, except that Java is not particularly expressive]. 21:18wed17aug2005: Um, cute speculation, but this sentence here (yes, this one) is the only text I've put on this page...
What's with his freakin hair, anyway? He looks like a people-juice eater if I ever saw one. Hey, is this the same Jeff Bowden that competed in the 1994 Robot Wars? If so, I need your help with some historical research. Yep, that's me although I believe it was actually 1995. Here's a picture of my 'bot in action Test Toaster One

Time passes...
Hmmm, what about O'Caml?

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