Welcome to the Cliki registration page for the 2010 International Lisp Game Expo. The 2010 ILGE is part of an ongoing series of design contests focused on Lisp; See the LispGameDesignChallenge page for information on past contests.

Contest guidelines can be found on David O'Toole's 2010 ILGE page.

Contest entries may be written in any dialect of Lisp.


Put your name in this section if you or your team will be creating a game. List team members (IRC handles if you got em), and possibly describe your design.

  • Justin Grant : Pong (Clojure). This game was written in a few hours. Play online here.
  • Schell Scivally and Aaron Maus (efnx, lostandsupine) : Bourtange, a 2d fort defense game written in lisp using cl-opengl. "As an added challenge I must first learn lisp, so we'll see how this goes." (Schell Scivally) - postmortem
  • David O'Toole (dto): SUPER XONG, the story of a pong paddle pilot who suddenly wakes up to the life outside the box...
  • _3b: Web-based online rpg/graphical roguelike, written in CL and parenscript, to be done by Jul 2 23:00:00 UTC 2010.postmortem
  • Erik Winkels (aerique): Engine Troubles over Tentacle Planet, a very simple shoot 'em up using Ogre and OIS from ECL. The main focus is simple delivery of a binary on multiple platforms (Linux and Windows since I do not have a Mac).
  • David Thole (TDT): a rougelike game architecture (will fill with some content, if limited). See
  • Johan Lindberg (johanlindberg): I'm helping with David Thole's game.
  • lharc: Liv, not sure it is a game, checkout branch liv from git://
  • Michael Compton (Guthur): Rakyer - Turn-based skirmish game.
  • Eric Bergstrome (ericbb): top-down shooter; scheme dialect; html5; site
  • David Rocamora (drocamor): FLATLAND - A game in two dimensions.
  • Patzy: Push - Simple one or two buttons side scroller (
  • John Connors (ZabaQ): Yet Another Dungeon Crawl..
  • Brian Taylor (wubo): Top down tank battle TB Tanks!
  • Elliott Slaughter: Something built on top of Blackthorn. Probably a rewrite of Bunny Slayer
  • Ryan Sattler (ShardPhoenix): a simple maze escape game in Clojure:
  • Hagane: Umformer -- a teslapunk graphic roguelike.
  • Jasper den Ouden -- HumWorld - game about 'agents'(being primitive humans) sharing paths to food, i'll have to see how far i'll get...
  • Quentin Stievenart (acieroid) -- robotime, a robots-like game, in which you can control the time. Done in seven days, informations here.
  • Mario Castelan Castro and Kevin Mas Ruiz: lispac -- A game similar to the classic Pac-Man. Written in Common Lisp.
  • Olexiy Zamkoviy: opengl-based implementation of Game of Life. Something like postmortem
  • Sykopomp -- simple telnet-based MUSH with English-like parser
  • name: short-description


This section is for people who want to play and discuss the games. Please put your name and/or IRC handle and write something about yourself!

  • name: what you're interested in doing as a spectator
  • Ciro DurĂ¡n: nick chiguire: I don't know much about Lisp, but I'm really interested in game development, and alternative platforms for developing games. I'll follow closely this compo. Twitter: @chiguire, site:
  • Rafael Ibraim: It's a shame that my "Picross-CL" game isn't ready(maybe next year?). Anyways, lisp development is *always* cool and this contest will be *very* interesting...
  • Bill Robinson (baggito) will be cheering on ZabaQ, when he has time.
  • David Creelman (kreels) Kreelman Cheering for everyone and happy to discover more lisp hackers out there. Intrigued by TB Tanks.

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