David Douthitt is a Person, and a UNIX system administrator.. His interests include:
  • Computer languages, including: Ruby, FORTH, LISP, Smalltalk, C, Eiffel...
  • Foreign languages, including French, Spanish, and Russian...
  • UNIX security
  • Internetworking between UNIX and... that other OS.... any other OS...
  • UNIX and Linux
I have the following experience:
  • Linux - since Linux 1.99
  • Eight plus years of UNIX - including HP-UX, Unixware, and BSD
  • Perl, Forth, ksh, C, and Ruby
  • UNIX Security tools - tripwire, samhain, nessus, portsentry
  • UNIX Monitoring tools - SEC, PCP, Nagios, Cacti
I am certified LPIC Level 1, Linux+, and RHCT. Who am I really? I'm a conservative (plain) Mennonite, father to five - and available for hire.