CLIM-desktop integrates several McCLIM apps to make a Common Lisp development environment.

Currently developed in SBCL. If all of the constituent parts work, there's no reason it won't work with any threaded lisp that runs McCLIM.

This list stolen from IDE. Tools provided by a Common Lisp IDE:

  • Editor:
    • State: Usable
  • Listener
    • State: Usable
  • Inspector
    • State: Usable. Integrated into Debugger.
  • Apropos Dialog
    • State: MISSING. There is an Apropos command in the Listener.
  • Stepper
    • State: MISSING
  • Trace Dialog
    • State: MISSING
  • Backtrace Dialog
    • State: Usable (from McCLIM debugger)
  • Restarts Dialog
    • State: Usable (from McCLIM debugger)
  • Save Application Dialog
    • State: What would this mean?
  • Preferences Dialog
    • State: MISSING. No ability to configure apps.
  • Online Help
    • State: Somewhat here. Closure is used to browse the CLHS.
  • User Interface Builder
    • State: MISSING. CLIB looked promising, but the source is nowhere to be found.
  • Class Browser
    • State: Somewhat here. Gilbert Baumann's class-browser.lisp is included. Not integrated.
  • Generic Function Browser
    • State: MISSING. Some of this functionality is in the Listener.
  • System Browser
    • State: MISSING
  • Package Browser
    • State: MISSING
  • Process Browser
    • State: MISSING
  • Mail Client (!!)
    • State: MISSING

Downloadable from

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