Espen Johnsen's GTK bindings for CMUCL, SBCL and CLISP. It supports GTK+ 2. Now at version 0.93, was observed working under Linux and Solaris.

CMUCL-specific notes: This is a single-process solution which integrates with SERVE-EVENT. You need to rebuild your CMUCL with -rdynamic added to the linker flags before clg will build (tip: get the Debian packages, they rebuild with a simple "make"). You can also look at cl-gtk, which uses a `talk down a pipe to a separate server' approach like CLM.

clg works with Glade. The quickest route to "hello world" using CMUCL is

1) fetch clg, ./configure && make cmucl 
2) fetch Glade.  Doodle.  Save your file somewhere
3) make test in cmucl (easiest way to get it to load all the foreign stuff)
* (load "../src/read-xml")   
* (load "../src/glade") 
* (load-interface #p"/home/dan/Projects/project1/")

;;; window pops up


Running on recent lisp implementations

As of 2012, the version of CLG on hasn't been updated in some time. Because it uses internals of its host implementation's MOP, it has broken on recent SBCLs. I have a version up at github, which compiles at least (on SBCL). There are still problems with a couple of the tests on the standard GTK example, which I haven't yet fixed.