Basic-English-Grammar is a lisp system for working with the English grammar data from the CMU AI repository (original authors: John Lawler and Dave Keiras, University of Michigan).

The original data is in the public domain, as is the new lisp system.

The lisp library exports a single function, grammar-of, which takes a string and returns a list of grammatical categories that the string is known to fall into (NIL if the string is an unknown word). For example:

CL-USER> (beg:grammar-of "write") (:VERB) CL-USER> (beg:grammar-of "right") (:VERB :ADJECTIVE) CL-USER> (beg:grammar-of "wrote") (:PAST-PARTICIPLE :VERB) CL-USER> (beg:grammar-of "writer") (:NOUN)

Download: basic-english-grammar-1.0.tgz

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