Apple II archaeology
Apple II archaeology is a collection of Lisp code useful for Apple II retrocomputing.


  • Basic 6502 disassembly
  • Support for symbolic disassembly, including auto-generated labels, screen and high-bit ASCII text, and hex data dump sections.
  • Code to deal with NIB binary disk images, extracting the de-nibblized data sectors.
  • Code to deal with normalized Apple DOS 3.3 or ProDOS disk images, extracting various files from the DOS images.
  • Code to de-tokenize binary format AppleSoft BASIC programs.
  • Basic support to read Prodos images in DiskCopy 4.2 format
  • Beginnings of a Lisp-syntax 6502 assembly language.
  • Code to deal with non-standard format of Infocom games for the Apple II.
  • Code to disassemble ZIL-language Infocom adventures.
  • Example code using the disasm6502-oo code to disassemble the Super Saltine Transcopy program


License: ???

Topics: embedded machine code