teepeedee2 is a fast HTTP server and web framework.

It is competitive in performance or faster than most C webservers, while being written entirely in Common Lisp.

It includes a simple blog application with instant comments (itself a fairly unique feature) and ATOM feeds, and an unfinished card game.

ASDF-install package (obsolete) http://github.com/vii/teepeedee2/tarball/master

Web LLGPL networking

Evaluation, 20100901

A very brief assessment of all web frameworks listed in cliki was carried out in September 2010. This assessment comprised: check websites, download source if available, attempt to compile, review documentation.

The review found that teepeedee2 had at least one polished website - which has, so it says, survived a slashdotting. Quite a polished installer, too, written in Lisp. Unfortunately installation failed with 'package "MOP" not found'. This one merits further evaluation.