Parenscript is a translator from an extended subset of Common Lisp to JavaScript. Parenscript code can run almost identically on both the browser (as JavaScript) and server (as Common Lisp).

Parenscript code is treated the same way as Common Lisp code, making the full power of Lisp macros available for JavaScript. This provides a web development environment that is unmatched in its ability to reduce code duplication and provide advanced metaprogramming facilities to web developers.

At the same time, Parenscript is different from almost all other "language X" to JavaScript translators in that it imposes almost no overhead.

License: BSD


ASDF-install package (obsolete)

Note that ASDF-Install releases of Parenscript have ceased since version 2.1. Newer releases continue to be made for the Quicklisp package manager.

It is a kind of s-exp syntax for Javascript.