RESTAS is a web framework, used to develop the site

Homepage: RESTAS


Source code:


  • Based on Hunchentoot
  • Uses cl-routes for mapping URL (without MVC)
  • Supports the reuse of web applications as plug-ins
  • Pure lisp daemonization with SBCL on GNU/Linux without of GNU Screen or detachtty (tested on Gentoo and Debian)
Very simple examplesScreencast Hello World

Currently available restas-plugins

For Gentoo-users is available of fork gentoo-lisp-overlay, which contains ebuild-files for RESTAS and some plugins:

Evaluation, 20100901

A very brief assessment of all web frameworks listed in cliki was carried out in September 2010. This assessment comprised: check websites, download source if available, attempt to compile, review documentation.

The review found that RESTAS was under active development. Documentation was mainly in Russian.