Mathematics Library and Application packages

Linear algebra: (main topic: linear algebra) Statistics: (main topic: statistics) Other stuff:
  • RCL is a library for interfacing Common Lisp with the R environment using CFFI. (October 7 2007) rukubites: RCL doesn't work in SBCL, and requires some small modifications in alien-defs.lisp to accomodate CFFI API changes for defcvar.
  • RCLG is an unfinished R interface that works for sbcl but not clisp (as of git version October 7 2007). It seems to have a similar interface as RCL.
  • FriCAS is a fork of the Axiom computer algebra system.
  • cl-ana is Common Lisp data analysis library.
  • Kenzo is a program for doing computational algebraic topology.
  • CommonLispStat (see also GitHub location), is a port/rewrite/re-intentioning of XLispStat to Common Lisp. The goal is to develop an "R like" set of packages which deliver additional functionality to Common Lisp for applied statistical data analysis.