This is no longer maintained. Do not use. obsolete

portable-clblog is a fork of cl-blog

I Kevin Griffin am not one to start projects for *no* reason. It smacks of unnecessary effort. So why fork cl-blog?

  • We wanted to emphasize portability: mostly because we wanted to be able to run the blogging engines under openmcl.
  • It's in accordance with the principle of maximal laziness: it's easier to maintain this version of cl-blog than it is to write a tool that would convert old blog entries into the format currently used by Brian Mastenbrook's cl-blog.
  • Openess of development process. I'd like to be able to have a mailing list, an archive of questions and answers, and a darcs repository.
  • We wanted something that would sit nicely behind Apache. We were using this in-house, so we thought other people might find it handy.

Works under OpenMCL 1.0 ! Main page:http://kevin.casa.cavewallarts.com/LISP/portable-clblog/


Key ID: B315F908 Also available via pgp.mit.edu