Desire is a package management substrate.


The domain of desire includes software distribution points and software modules, but carefully avoids module internals, leaving that to system definition facilities. The domain-specific information is represented in a both human- and machine-readable form and is shared, by the means of a distributed VCS, within a loose aggregation that could be called a network of desire nodes.

There are three sides of desire:

  • a knowledge base about world of software distributors and modules,
  • an end-user software retrieval system, and
  • (re)distribution.

Desire shares concepts with and provides some features of, at least:

Desire uses the Git distributed version control system to pass around the domain-specific information, as well as for software redistribution.

Higher-order goals of desire revolve around:

  • distributed development,
  • cross-project cooperation, and
  • coordinated release making.

See also: obtain libraries