cl-smoketest is a small test framework for setting up basic does-it-compile tests.

This is often useful for automated tests with version control systems.

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :cl-smoketest)
  (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :araneida))
(if (cl-smoketest:serious-error-p)
    (cl-smoketest:my-quit 1)
    (cl-smoketest:my-quit 0))

This will delete all the fasls from the current directory and children, unhook the debugger, set the current directory to the first to be searched for ASDF, and then attempt to load araneida, muffling all warnings.

The report will show how many serious errors there were, and how many style errors there were. It will quit with a return value of 1 on error, 0 on success.

Right now there's a bunch of SBCL-ness, help on other architectures would be appreciated. There is a sample shell script and accompanying lisp file for testing.

The darcs repository is at:

browseable at:

Thanks, Alan Shields (written for the Centola Lab of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)