cl-blog is blog software that Brian Mastenbrook wrote and uses. It's available via anonymous subversion from:

svn export svn://

Other dependencies, like araneida, should be available via asdf-install or by anonymous SVN checkout from svn://

The following blogs use cl-blog:

Cyrus Harmon has made a hacked up version of cl-blog that gets its content from a CLSQL database (pgsql in this case but others should work). He hopes to integrate the code back into the cl-blog distribution one of these days.

How does it work ??

Hum I got an error:

debugger invoked on a SIMPLE-ERROR in thread 3085344896: The key static-areas was not found in the configuration file /home/zedek/.sbcl/systems/blog.conf in the path

As far as I know, there is no clue for that key.

Really nobody can help ??

I don't actively monitor the CLiki page for questions. Your best bet would be to email me or to ask on IRC.

That said, the solution to your problem is to add to your configuration file:

static-areas { }

Look in the supplied blog.conf for more information about what you could put here to serve up some directory of files as static files with cl-blog.

-- Brian Mastenbrook


If araneida hangs, after starting cl-blog from slime, add this line to your ~/.swank.lisp

(setf swank:*communication-style* :fd-handler)