The Road to Lisp Survey
This is a temporary page for the 'marooned' RtL responses that haven't been transferred to the ALU wiki yet. Please don't add to this list here; put your response over there instead

If your name is on this list :

  • Go to that page and click 'view source' in the footer. Select and copy everything.
  • Now create a suitably named new page on the ALU Wiki and paste in there
  • What you do with the dead page here on CLiki is up to you. If you're a CLiki user anyway and there are possible links to it from other pages, you'll probably want to edit out the RtL references and leave the rest intact. If you're only here because Kenny said so, you might prefer to delete all the text and replace it with a link to Delete this page, which I will then do next time I GC the CLiki

Awaiting repatriation