Lispbox is a version of Lisp in a Box, which was originally created by Matthew Danish and Mikel Evins, customized for use with Practical Common Lisp.

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# in lists

You may keep seeing weird # characters when you're examining some list. A Lisp Gotcha. You can do the following (or something vaguely like it):

(setf *print-length* nil)
(setf *print-level* nil)
(setf *print-circle* t)  ;for good measure


If you're using ASDF and wondering why it's not recognizing stuff in your asdf:*central-registry*, you can do this:

(use-package :com.gigamonkeys.asdf-extensions)
(register-source-directory "/path/to/libraries/")

The big advantage is you don't have to mess around with soft links; REGISTER-SOURCE-DIRECTORY just drills down whatever directory you give it, searching for .asd files.

Loading Swank

Do you want to create and customize your .swank.lisp? At the end of your Lispbox/slime-XXX/site-init.lisp, enter:

;;; load .swank.lisp

Mac OS X

Emacs won't run? Apple munges with internals between OS updates, forcing you to recompile Emacs. If you don't have it, first obtain it:
# works as of 2005-11-02
# when prompted for a password for anoncvs, just hit Enter key
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
cvs -z3 co emacs

Then build:

# works as of 2005-11-02
# probably takes ~5-10 minutes on a Mac Mini, though I could be completely wrong
cd emacs/mac
./make-package --self-contained

This built a .dmg file containing a .pkg installer that installed Emacs to my /Applications/ directory.

(You should be able to skip the CVS step if you already have a copy which worked before.)

Slime problems

Problems like dealing with Unicode are covered in SLIME Tips.

Does anybody have any tips for running Lispbox on Windows XP under cygwin? I am a cygwin idiot and for some reason when I download lispbox and run I get /home/kpauli/desktop/lispbox-0.4/emacs-21.4/bin/emacs: cannot execute binary file

I have created an installer with the most recent Emacs + SLIME + SBCL combo. It can be downloaded here. It should work with all versions of Windows, but if you experience problems, contact me.