ASDF-Install-tester is an obsolete and unmaintained ASDF-Extension that automates the process of checking whether or not ASDF-Installable systems actually install under ASDF.

More information can be found on its project page.

The most up-to-date view on the state of all things ASDF-installable (i.e., which libraries work on which Lisps) is at (but note with disappointment that it's more than a decade out of date).

If you'd like to help, take at look at ASDF-Install-tester organization. There are also page on ASDF-Install-Tester How-to and ASDF-Install-Tester Bugs.

This test tool is another one of Gary King's projects.


  • ASDF-Install-Tester requires Trivial-HTTP. That is currently not ASDF-Installable so you'll need to get it via subversion. See its page for details.
  • ASDF-Install-tester currently works under OpenMCL, SBCL and Allegro on OS X, and SBCL on linux x86.
  • Inspiration for this comes in part from Alan Shields' cl-smoketest.
  • When all is well with (some portion of) the world, ASDF-status will be able to display ASDF-Install-tester)'s results.