ASDF-Install-Tester How-to
Here we include basic instructions on ASDF-Install-Tester and any tips and tricks that might help new-comers understand what is going on. There are some instructions on the project page too.

  • Where does ASDF-Install-Tester put stuff? The special variables *asdf-install-directory* and *working-directory* are used to point to where ASDF-Install lives and where to put temporary stuff, respectively. The first defaults to the location of the version of ASDF-Install that comes with ASDF-Install-Tester; the second to the directory user-home:temporary;asdf-test; (where user-home is replace by the return value of the Common-Lisp function #'user-homedir-pathname).

    As ASDF-Install-Tester works, it puts ASDF systems into sub-directories of the work-directory and does all of its compiling and loading from there. The results (AIT summary files and OUTPUT files are also placed here.

  • How do I report results? The current technique is to bundle up the input sub-directory of the working directory and e-mail it to Better methods are being actively explored.