The system is completely unmaintained.

ASDF-Install-tester is a development tool and ASDF-Extension that automates the process of checking whether or not ASDF-Installable systems actually install under ASDF.

More information can be found on its project page.

The most up-to-date view on the state of all things ASDF-installable (i.e., which libraries work on which Lisps) is at (but note with disappointment that it's many months out of date).

If you'd like to help, take at look at ASDF-Install-tester organization. There are also page on ASDF-Install-Tester How-to and ASDF-Install-Tester Bugs.


  • ASDF-Install-Tester requires Trivial-HTTP. That is currently not ASDF-Installable so you'll need to get it via subversion. See its page for details.
  • ASDF-Install-tester currently works under OpenMCL, SBCL and Allegro on OS X, and SBCL on linux x86.
  • Inspiration for this comes in part from Alan Shields' cl-smoketest.
  • When all is well with (some portion of) the world, ASDF-status will be able to display ASDF-Install-tester)'s results.

This test framework is another one of Gary King's projects.