ASDF-Install bugs
Haven't you wanted to have a place to write down ASDF-Install bugs? Now you do! Before you put it here, however, make sure that it doesn't belong on the list of ASDF-Install Enhancement Requests.

the cclan version's bug tracking is here:

Seemingly broken "latest official release" tarball

In port.lisp, on line 22 (at the end of the eval-when defun) there's an extra paren after (require :sb-posix)

In installer.lisp, there are a couple of missing parens in the asdf:find-component :around defmethod, around line 676. I wasn't sure where to send a patch, but the fixes seem extremely straightforward.

Actually, way too straightforward. I can't imagine how something like this has been in the "latest official" tarball for 6 months. Did I wind up with a corrupt download? asdf-install_latest.tar.gz's md5sum (on my system) is eb34d72706ec13281fa18039a422d5df

Additionally, I (RMM) had further trouble compiling, encountering an error in (defmethod asdf:find-component :around ...), about the method's optional parameters not matching the generic:

*** - #)> has 0, but # has 1 optional parameter

The solution was to remove the three "#-asdf2" modifiers from that method, after which compilation proceeded smoothly.

files from the future

Try making a asdf-installable tar.gz package and then setting the system date back. The excitement of getting to unwrap the package from the future (asdf-install:install "/path/to/package/from/future.tar.gz") ends when asdf-install seems to go into some sort of loop. Perhaps it could handle things a little more gracefully?

Unable to install using CLISP under Windows XP

Whist installing with command (asdf-install:install :cl-ppcre) I get: ;;; ASDF-INSTALL: Downloading 166573 bytes from to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\CL-PPCRE.asdf-install-tmp ...

;;; ASDF-INSTALL: Installing C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\CL-PPCRE.asdf-install-tmp in C:\bin\clisp-2.38\asdf-install\site\, C:\bin\clisp-2.38\asdf-install\site-systems\

The system cannot find the path specified.

There is some discussion here ( but no solution ( other than do it manually!!)