ASDF-Install FAQ

ASDF-Install Frequently Asked Questions

Ask and perhaps ye shall be answered...

Q: After you have installed some packages with asdf-install, how do you keep them up to date? This can be hard to do even manually. Some packages in Cliki use "_latest" as version, so it is hard to see if there is a newer version available than what you have installed. A: ASDF-Upgrade might do the trick. ASDF-Install-Tester can help you know which tools are working. Q: How to make asdf-install to work with authenticated http proxy server? A: See the variables *PROXY-USER* and *PROXY-PASSWD*.

Q: How do I make asdf-install:install non-interactive? That is, how can I set default answers to the questions about system-wide versus just-for-me installation, and about skipping the PGP check? A: The locations available on your system are in ASDF-INSTALL:*LOCATIONS*. If you set ASDF-INSTALL:*PREFERRED-LOCATION* to either the index of or the string naming the location, it will use that location by default.

(let ((count 0))
  (mapc #'(lambda (x)
            (incf count)
            (format t "~2D~8T\"~A\"~%" count (third x)))
This code will print out the index and the location name.
      "Personal installation")
sets the default location. You can do this in your init file (.clisprc, or .cmucl-init, etc.) after you load ASDF-INSTALL. This customization option is currently not supported in the SBCL version of ASDF-INSTALL.

Q: Is there something I can set to automatically skip-gpg-check when trying to get the package signature 404s, that is, to install unsigned packages noninteractively without raising a warning?