ASDF-Install Enhancement Requests
Do you ever say to yourself "ASDF-Install is a great tool, but I wish it did ...". Well, stop talking to yourself and write it down here. Oh, and If it's bugs you're worried about, then take a look at the ASDF-Install bugs instead.


  • Configuration ability: Many asdf packages require some configuration to be made prior to usage. The most common example is perhaps for FFI-librarys, to specify the location of the external libs. Some interactive prompt for setting these (with default settings) would be useful, especially for newbies. Whether this is best done in asdf-install or in conjunction with asdf is left unspecified for now.

  • Multiple signatures: Make it possible to have an ASDFI pacakge signed by multiple PGP keys, and allow installing it as long as at least one of the keys is trusted.

  • Non-HTTP fetching: Teach ASDFI to use subversion and cvs to fetch sources. Not sure how that would work with signatures...
  • Documentation support: More and more ASDF-INSTALL packages come with documentation packages (as do rpms). It would be nice if we could install documentation packages to a particular location, and index them all together (we'd like something like install_info that's offered by gnu info).