Embeddable Common Lisp, a member of the KCL Family, is a Common Lisp implementation initially developed by Giuseppe Attardi, maintained for many years by Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll and currently maintained by Daniel KochmaƄski. ECL is the successor to EcoLisp.

It is a small but complete implementation which features a very small bytecode interpreter, compilation via C, generation of standalone executables and DLLs, loadable binary files, CLOS, CLX, sockets, and more... The areas that need work are

  • improving ANSI Common Lisp compliance (we are almost there!)
  • improving the compiler

There is a project page. ECL runs on at least Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows (Using Mingw and Microsoft Visual C++), MacOS X/Darwin (x86 and PPC) and Solaris (x86 and Sparc). It supports threads on most operating systems. Experimental builds for Android and IOS also exist.

I compiled it using mingw gcc under win32. It seems to need gcc at runtime to create fas files. threading also works under win32 making it the best free common lisp implementation available on that platform.

There is also a FreeBSD port to install it from and an X-Chat Common Lisp Plugin.

A package for NetBSD is available via pkgsrc.